Ombré Brows

3 Hours | $500

Ombré brows are ideal for those clients who have little to no brow hair, and those who want a less maintenance brow and great for all skin types. This is a very polished and crisp looking brow, due to the fact that it mimics a brow that has been filled in with pencil or pomade. This brow is darkest at the tail and gradually becomes lighter as it approaches the head of the brow. This brow can be made both sharp and bold looking as well as VERY soft and subtle looking. 

Nano Brows

3 Hours | $500

Nano brows are ideal for those who have thick to medium amounts of hair. This brow is ideal for someone with oily skin who wants a naturally fluffy brow appearance. This brow is very versatile; it gives you a hair-like stroke look leaving you the option to still fill your brows in when you want a more polished look. This is almost the same as Microblading except the strokes are done with a machine and the pigment is deposited slightly deeper than that of Microblading. 

Combo Brows

3 Hours | $500

Combo brows give the best of both worlds; ombré and strokes. It is ideal for any skin type and for those who have little to no hair. This brow has strokes either just in the front or all throughout the brow along with back shading to fill in sparse areas. This mimics a bushy brow with a polished body and tail or a polished shadow behind the strokes. 


3 Hours | $600

Microblading is a delicate technique that is ideal for a VERY specific skin type; DRY TIGHT SKIN. Great for those who have thick to medium hair. This technique is a subtle and very natural change. Microblading gives clients the option to still fill in brows for a more polished look.

Scalp Micropigmentation

3 Hours | $400

Scalp Micropigmentation is ideal for clients who have thinning hair. Although this technique is mainly broadcast to men who are dealing with hair loss, women can also benefit from this service. This technique is also used to cover scars on the scalp as well.